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Harvest and Forest Movement

Triturador florestal para escavadeira
Cabeçote multifuncional para colheita florestal
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Harvest and Forest Movement

The path to intense and productive forest production is largely associated with mechanization, which is the main means to increase forest labor productivity and safety in operations. We have a full range of equipment that cater so far to each of our customers.

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Destocador para limpeza de área

Stump destroyer

The conversion of land with forestry stumps has always been a big problem for agriculturists. The high costs to uproot the stumps and then remove them from the area are just some of the problems caused by the conventional process of stump removal. There is also the need to cover the holes and level the ground.

Another downside effect of the various operations done in a conventional stump removal is the low productivity due to the fact that the nutrient-rich soil is used to cover the holes left behind by the operation that pulls out the stumps.

Garra florestal para carregamento e descarga de madeira
Cabeçote multifuncional para colheita florestal
Cabeçote multifuncional para colheita florestal
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Forestry Mulchers 

The FAE line for forest cleaning and milling is designed and built to streamline and facilitate any type of agricultural/forestry work.  Designed to last in time, FAE equipment allows professionals to perform land cleaning services for the most diverse purposes. Roder is FAE authorized resale for the whole of Brazil.

Destocador para limpeza de área
Hydraulic Breaker

Strength and efficiency. The hydraulic breaker is an equipment whose components are subject to high levels of stress, working mainly in difficult situations. We represent in Brazil the Italian brand Hammer, known in the world as one of the best equipment in the market. The best materials and the best production process is used to ensure a very high quality equipment.

Garra florestal para carregamento e descarga de madeira
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Testimonials from our customers

Garra florestal para carregamento e descarga de madeira



I have several equipment for harvesting and forest movement of the Roder brand. Of all the suppliers I've ever worked with, Roder is the best after-salesservice. In addition to the high quality equipment. 

Cabeçote multifuncional para colheita florestal

Mauricio Nehemy


We bought the front loader from Roder and are very pleased with its performance. It reached all expectations, and we had an excellent service in assembly and service.

Triturador florestal para escavadeira

Rogerio de Oliveira Assis


Great implement, sophisticated, robust, good service, fast, functional warranty, I am totally satisfied. All terms were lengthy, including the warranty I requested. The feller stood out.

Production of 0.242 hectare per hour/machine, little maintenance.




Everything very good, from the initial service, very active in the sale and following the whole process together with customer; Combined delivery time of the product very aligned. 

The assistance was efficient without bureaucracy; The installation technician is very professional, practical, and very clear in communication!!!

Talk to a consultant today

Our consultants are highly prepared to answer you and answer all questions. Surely your choice of Roder equipment will be the best choice you can make in the marked.

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