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Multifunctional head.
One equipment, many possibilities!

Roder is a manufacturer of forestry equipment, including the multifunctional head, developed for various operations.

With the same equipment, you can work in the:

1- Harvesting (fall the trees) leaving the trees piled up;

2- Cuting (cut-to-lenght);

3- Making log piles;

4- Loading trucks.

Our unique hydraulic system without electrics wires or any electronics, allows the equipment to have 360 degrees of continuous and free rotation

Advantages of the Roder Multi-Function Head:


Forest Harvesting.

Excelent productivity for the small and medium forest owner or contractors.



Cuting processing, like a grapple saw,

leaving the wood stacked.


Log Piles.

Tallest log piles can be made, increasing the free area.



The exclusiv unlimited rotation system with 360 degrees facilitates the trucks loading operation.

technical characteristics



a specialized look

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