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Crusher Bucket - KB Series 

The high production of the Crusher Bucket, with minimal wear costs, guarantees a high performance with a consistent final product. Thanks to its solid and robust construction, our crusher can also process natural rocks as well as recycling materials. We take pride in ensuring that all of our materials and components are of the highest quality.


With a lever plate specially designed to be positioned up and down, as is the case with conventional shredders, the swinging jaw plate movement does not have a parallel movement, but our system generates an aggressive figure eight movement that allows crushing starts at the top of the jaw face and also creates post-crushing in the lower section of the crusher chamber as material exits the crusher.  

• 4 models for excavators with operating weight from 10 to 50 t

Caçamba Britadora - Série KB 
Caçamba Britadora - Série KB 

KR Series Rotary Screen Bucket

The compact and sturdy structure of the sorting bucket ensures reliable sorting capacity with low operating costs. This machine allows materials to be sorted and sorted more accurately.

Interchangeable grids​​ allow you to sift in different and variable sizes.
Grids can be used for pre-filtering (before crushing) and for final sorting. These buckets are used for working with natural rocks, recycling and
  agriculture. Also available for skidsteers.

We take pride in ensuring that all of our materials and components are of the highest quality:

• Economy: minimal space and time requirements, high productivity and lower wear costs.
• Greater efficiency thanks to heavy-duty construction. Wide opening for more entry.
  One man operation is no problem.
• Flexibility for Interchangeable Sieves
​​ for different variable grain sizes.  The screens are suitable for pre-sorting and final sorting.
• Optional accessories such as brush or screen cleaning brush available.

Caçamba tipo Peneira Rotativa série KR
Caçamba tipo Peneira Rotativa série KR
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