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Soil preparation.

Destoca Inteligente

Stump destroyer

The Roder Stump destroyer is a unique and exclusive equipment! 
Patented by RODER, this equipment is the best and smartest way to eliminate Eucalyptus or Pinus stumps, leaving your land prepared for agricultural planting.  

Coveamento Mecanizado comLocalização por GPS

Pit preparation for planting ASP system".
Assistant for precision forestry.

Digging for forest planting with Geo-referencing of the pits by GPS integrated to the Excavator and Coveador set. 

Fresa para conversão de solo.

Mill for soil conversion.

Transform your stump area into a farmable area. Crushing the stumps and incorporating all the residue into the soil.  


Efficient, low operating cost and agricultural productivity  guaranteed already  in the first year of planting.  

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