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Equipment for Forest Harvesting and Movement

Garra Florestal

Forest Grapple

Our forest grapples are known for strength and durability.

Our customers comment on these features and praise the durability of our gripper pins and bushings. “These are equipment with fewer hours of downtime due to breakage”.

Garra Traçadora

Grapple saw

Far beyond expectations!

Our grapple and cutter head set is designed to be agile in your work. The cutting system allows for quick and efficient cuts, wasting less energy. It is robust, efficient and durable.

Cabeçote Multifuncional​

Multifunctional Head​

Roder is a manufacturer of forestry equipment, including the multifunctional head, developed for various operations.

With the same equipment, you can work in the:

1- Harvesting (fall the trees) leaving the trees piled up.

2- Cuting (cut-to-lenght).

3- Making log piles.

4- Loading trucks

Cabeçote Feller Tesoura
Feller Buncher Shears Head

Bunching Shears Heads for clear-cut or selective harvesting are applicable on excavators.


Cutting system with steel blade, with minimal need of maintenance and low level of sharpening.


With this equipment, the trees are stacked, facilitating the next processes.

Mini Skidder Arraste de Árvores


Simplicity is the strong point  of our mini skidder.
The Mini Skidder Roder is installed directly on the tractor's hydraulic arms, like any other agricultural implement. Its constructive form benefits the loading and dragging of entire trees. 
It stands out for its low operating cost.

Clambunk Arraste de Árvores

Clambunk Tree Drag

Our Drag Trailer (Clambunck) meets the demand of small and medium-sized customers who need a greater volume of production in relation to the mini skidder. Made in 2 models.

Acessórios Florestais para Pá Carregadeiras

Forestry Accessories for Wheel Loaders

Roder is a manufacturer of forestry equipment, which includes various loading equipment that will increase your productivity; They can operate logs or wood, providing greater versatility in loading and unloading trucks, organizing yards and feeding the production line in sawmills and factories in general.

Destocador e Coveador Florestal

Forester and Burrower

Soil preparation, whether for forestry or agriculture, is of great importance for soil quality. 
Our stump cutter, as well as the Coveador Roder, seek to maximize the benefit of the soil. Exclusive to Roder, both products are patented.

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