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Forest Grapple.


One of the most common daily work in forest harvesting is the handling of wood logs or even of whole trees.


Whether it is doing the transfering from the field to the piles, the feeding of chippers, the loading of trucks that transport these logs to the processing plant, or the unloading and stacking of the logs, these jobs can surely be done by one of our best equipment, Roder's forest grappel.


Our forest grapple is known for its strength and durability.

Our customers comment on its features and praise the durability of our gripper pins and bushings. “This is an equipment with fewer hours of downtime due to breakage”.


The geometry of our grapples is also a source of pride and satisfaction, as our engineering has designed the curvature of the grapples to grip the logs more easily, sliding them to completely fill the grapple load.


Moving just one log or the full grapple is not a complicated task for operators if they use RODER's forest grapple.


Use our grapples on forestry cranes, load cranes, mini excavators and excavators, or even on wheel loaders.


Roder's Forest Grapples, designed for your comfort and economy.

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