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Grapple Saw

Wood processing.

Far beyond expectations!

Our grapple and cutter head set is designed to be agile in your work. The cutting system allows for quick and efficient cuts, wasting less energy. It is robust, efficient and durable. Best cost benefits on the Market.

  • Simple Hydraulic System

  • No electrical or electronics.

  • Easy-to-adjust system.

Advantages of the Roder Grapple Saw.


Extremely robust equipment, pins and bushings with the same quality recognized on the Roder forest grapples.


Cutting Ergonomics.

The position of the hydraulic motor in the grapple saw frame creates a perfect cutting angle, which provides less effort over the set during the cutting process, increasing the life time of the set.



The details added to our grapple saw and the simplicity of our hydraulic system make our equipment have the best cost benefit on the market.

technical characteristics



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