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Hydraulic Scissors for Hardware and Scrap - KSC Series 


hammer-serie-ksc-1-1 (1).png

HAMMER KSC HYDRAULIC SCISSORS are scrap and hardware shears and are designed for an optimal power-to-weight ratio.

5 models for Excavators with operating weight of  3 to 50 tons.


• Extremely high cutting power.
• Dual motors for excellent rotation and high power.
• Cylinder fully protected from possible debris during demolition.
• Wear-resistant steel body and jaws.
• Indexable steel blades.
• 360° rotation

Hydraulic Scissors for demolition of reinforced concrete  MCK series


hammer-serie-mck-15 (1).png

HAMMER MCK HYDRAULIC CLAMP  are used for cutting and grinding steel-reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete) and for cutting steel structures, it is designed for primary and secondary demolition.

10 models for Excavators with  operating weight

from 3 to 80 tons.


  • Dual motors for excellent rotation and high power.

  • Double row ball bearing.

  • Cylinder fully protected against possible debris during demolition

  • Hydraulic system fully protected by the structure.

  • The perfect geometry of the jaws ensures that the blades stay sharp longer.

  • Easily replaceable jaws and blades.


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