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Mulcher for wheel loader

Forestry shredder dedicated to highly professional applications, capable of combining the flexibility and maneuverability typical of a compact machine with the performance of the highest performing forestry shredders.

Triturador FAE para pá carregadeira 140 U

140 U 

Forest Mulcher for

Special Machines with Hydraulic system.

Power required: 100 to 220 hp

Hydraulic Flow: 200 to 260 L/min

Max. Crushing Diameter  25 cm  

Ideal for Base Machines with hydraulic drive and Hydrostatic Transmission.

Triturador FAE para pá carregadeira 200U

200 U 

Forest Mulcher for

Shovel Loader w/ Hydrostatic system.

Power required: 140 to 250 hp

Hydraulic Flow: 285 to 380 L/min

Max. Crushing Diameter  35 cm  

For work with a wheel loader, currently the only model approved for work is the

CAT 930K  

Triturador FAE para pá carregadeira 140 U

300 U 

Triturador Florestal p/ 

Adequado para uso com Feller Buncher de pneus.


Potencia exigida : 300 a 450 HP

Vazão Hidráulica : 370 a 510 L/min

Pressão Hidráulica: 250 a 415 bar

Diametro Máx. Trituração  40 cm.

Triturador FAE para pá carregadeira
Triturador FAE para pá carregadeira


The FAE 140U and 200U models are the  models suitable for loader installation. machines only  with hydrostatic system are suitable for this job and currently the only machine on the market approved for this condition is the CAT 930K.

The CAT 930K, in addition to being hydrostatic, has a “scaled speed control system”, which allows for homogeneous crushing, a system that is not available in other brands today. 

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